Do You Misplace Your Reading Glasses?

                  Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Or just forget to carry them with you? I do that all the time and it is very annoying.

Not being able to read something without going back to get your glasses gets really old. And if you happen to be away from home then you are pretty much stuck.

i4ULenses can fix that problem for you!

Picture of a set of i4ulenses.These are portable reading glasses that will fit in your wallet. Or your purse or your pocket. They will even fit in your hatband!

So you wouldn’t have any problem carrying them anywhere you go. If you are going out in the yard or garden just put a pair in your pocket(in case you end up needing to read a packet of seeds or something).

Have a pair in your purse in case you are in the store and need to read a label.

I have reading glasses all over the house and these little glasses are great for those rooms or cars where you only need glasses occasionally. Sticking a pair in your glove box is a good idea too.

The only thing that might be a problem is if you wanted to use them on the beach or when out in the yard. They do not stay on if you have sunscreen on your nose or if you get really sweaty.

Packages of i4ulenses.

These are flexible so if you accidentally step on them or something it probably won’t hurt them. They actually have a guarantee that if your i4ulenses break within a year they will replace them.

The glasses are one size fits all(adjustable) and come in several diopters. I need 1.50 for reading on the computer but stronger ones for books. These work well and they are not heavy.

If you order a pair(or two or three) be sure to mention that you heard about them on Simple Wyrdings and they will send you a free hard case!

I4ulenses hard case.

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