Looking For A New Camera

The camera I have is apparently about to bite the dust.

I took some pictures with it the day before yesterday and tried to put them on my computer but the computer no longer recognizes the camera.

I thought it might be the cord so I changed that. Still no go. Tried it on my hubs computer. Nope. Still won’t work.

Soooo…I finally thought about the memory card. Hubs computer has a memory card reader on it. So I took the card out of the camera and used his computer to get the pictures off the memory card. Then had to move the pics to a public folder so I could get them on my computer.

Not a lot of fun that.  The camera is one of the cheaper ones you can buy – a Vivitar Vivicam 5022 and it is a couple of years old. So it has done a pretty good job lasting that long.

Picture of a Vivitar Vivicam 5022.So I am looking for a new camera.

It would be really nice if I could find a sponsor who would just give me one in exchange for a review and a few posts about my experiences with the camera(and maybe a blurb on pictures taken with it). If you know anyone who has cameras to giveaway…put in a good word for me!

Barring that I will need another cheap one because money is one thing we don’t have a lot of around here.

I found this list of budget cameras over on pcmag.com.  Anyone know anything about any of the cameras on the list? Have a recommendation?

Leave me a comment if you do.


  1. You can’t go far wrong with a Canon camera. I definitely recommend going with a well known brand if you want a camera that will last a bit longer.

    I never link my camera directly to my computer, I always put the memory card into the pc. Almost all computers these days have a card reader, and I find it’s a lot better, especially since the software that the camera companies supply you with is often buggy.

    Hope you find a good camera. I have had a Canon Powershot A630 for 7 years (so old now), but it has a rotating screen that I really love, especially for taking shots up high (over people’s heads) or down low (saves you stooping/kneeling).

    1. I was thinking about a Canon but not sure which particular would be good for me.

      I need a simply point and shoot sort of camera. You know something that you don’t have to figure anything out or change any settings…it just works.

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