ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System

Disclosure: I received a free product to review.

Professional Skin Care System from ToiletTree.This Professional Skin Care System From ToiletTree Products is pretty neat.

It comes with three different brushes and a pumice sphere.

I didn’t realize it had the pumice sphere till I opened the box. I really like that. I have used it on my feet a couple of times now and it works really well.

You do need to be careful not to push too  hard or you will have sore feet later. It is hard to tell just how much skin you are removing at any one time. Better to only use it lightly the first time.

I have used both of the facial brushes too. The rougher one you wouldn’t want to use too often(at least not on your face). It exfoliates and you can do more harm than good if you use it too often.

The really soft brush is great for every day use though. It gets your face really clean and your moisturizers go on and soak in real easy after cleaning.

The body brush I have only used once but it works really well too. Especially for exfoliating your legs.

This system is fun to use too.

It is water resistant and comes in several different colors too. I picked the green(it matches my bathroom) but the other colors are nice too.Different colors on the Professional Skin Care System from ToiletTree.It has a strap you can use to hang it up but mine is lying on the shelf in my bathroom.

Professional Skin Care System.You can buy a Professional Skin Care System on Amazon for $39.95(free shipping) or from ToiletTree Products.

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