Anyone Want To Buy A Faire Dress Costume?

I put one up for sale on Ebay today. It is a dress that has been boxed up in my closet for over 5 years now.Fantasy Fairy Gown

Blue Fansaty Dress


It has a headdress wreath that goes with it too.Blue Wreath Headdress.

This is a dress that was going to be my wedding dress.

It is long and pretty and well made but I ended up with a wedding dress more in the civil war style.

This dress and two others that were also in contention for the wedding dress role got put back in their boxes and stuffed in the closet and there they stayed. Till this morning.

I dug them out and tried taking pictures. I don’t really have anywhere to hang them up good or lay them out nicely either so I just put them on a hanger on the bedroom door and/or lay them out on the bed for pictures.

Another picture of the Blue Fairy Gown.

The pictures do not do any of them justice really but I don’t know what else to try. I don’t really want to try putting them on because I’m sure they will end up getting dirty (it has rained every day here and it has been impossible to keep the floors clean with two dogs and two people going out and in).

That is beside the fact that I have gained weight and don’t want to post pictures of myself on here. You can see some pictures of dresses almost exactly like this one from searching Google for “fantasy fairy gown cord“. The first several dresses on that search results page are the same as this one except for color and maybe the material type(not sure what materials are used on them).

I will be putting the others up on Ebay tomorrow or the next day. I would deeply appreciate it if you would share this post. If you know anyone that likes these type of dresses please let them know it is available.

Thank you :)


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