My Chicks Turned Into Chickens

You never expected that did you?

It is just like with puppies, kittens, and babies.  They don’t stay little and cute very long. The time goes by before you know it and you are left wondering what happened.

One of my friends son just graduated from High School this year.  Another of my friends is a grandmother several times over. And those grand-babies are getting bigger all the time.

The thing is…to enjoy them while you can.

I really did enjoy the chicks even though they made a mess.

They have pretty much grown up now.

My Chicks almost grown up.
They still want to hide in their box though.

Big Lil ChickSo far only two of them seem to want to adventure out. This one has actually gone out in the yard. About a foot from the coop.

I’m going to take their little fenced in area down in a week or so. The big chickens are not trying to harass them so it isn’t really needed anymore.

They are just going to have to learn to live in the wider world. They will like it. There are bugs out there.

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