Send Me An Ice Cream Man

Picture of an Ice Cream Truck.When I was little a truck similar to the one in the picture would come by my grandmothers house just about every day. Definitely every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

She lived across the street from the main park in town. The one with the swimming pool and the baseball field and the tennis courts. And of course the playground.

So the Ice Cream Man always had plenty of business there. The neighbor hood around the park had lots of kids too so he probably didn’t have to go too far to sell everything.

I can’t remember if an Ice Cream Truck ever came by my moms house.  There wouldn’t have been as much business there for sure.

The one at the park would get mobbed.  We would wait till it was in front of my grandmothers house and by the time it got to us there would usually be at least 6 kids waiting.

The last time I laid eyes on one of those was a few years back. It was cruising through another park.

Do they even come by peoples houses anymore? Or only go to parks?

I would love to have one of those come by my house here. I want an ice cream bar.

photo credit: srqpix via photopin cc

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