Comfort is Relative

Red Pandas Asleep in a TreeThese red pandas look really comfortable. I would not find a tree all that comfortable to sleep in though. Not unless it had a tree house in it anyway.

People here in the US tend to think you need a lot to be comfortable. I expect many people in Africa and India would think some of the “poor” folks here were extremely comfortable.

But if you ask those same “poor” folk they would say they are not.

Many of the people I know seem to think you need cell phones and TVs and computers to be comfortable these days.

Or swimming pools and large beds and carpets.

Other people consider having a blanket or quilt the ultimate in comfort.

It all depends on where you are how you look at things.

My father in law passed away yesterday after being in the hospital for several days. They tried to treat him with antibiotics but it did not help. So they went to what they call “comfort care”. Which is mainly just keeping him comfortable and as free of pain as possible.

We stayed up there with him for most of each day and I have to say that I am extremely grateful for my comfortable bed after trying to sleep in the recliners at the hospital. Picture of a person sleeping on the concrete.But those recliners are much better than sleeping on the concrete.

It didn’t really seem to me that my father in law was all that comfortable but he had a place to go where they could and would take care of him (keep him clean), give him pain medication, and let his family stay with him. That is much more than many people have.

Count your blessings. Comfort is relative.

photo credit: Furryscaly via photopin cc

photo credit: juicyrai via photopin cc

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