Forgotten By Stacy Claflin

Cover of Forgotten by Stacy Claflin.
Forgotten by Stacy Claflin is just as good as the other books in The Transformed Series.

This one was really good. It dragged me in. And held me even when I didn’t want to be held.

In this book Alexis makes friends with werewolves and even dates one…which really ticks off her parents later. I was glad about that because I don’t think they were very good parents at all.

Of course with them not being human it is possible that they couldn’t be good parents even if they wanted to be and I saw no evidence that they wanted to.

Alexis does a bit of growing up in this one and it has a really exciting ending.

About the book :

Imagine that you wake up to discover that eighteen months have passed since you remember going to sleep. That’s the reality that Alexis awakes to. She finds herself in the home of the human family who raised her and desperately needs to return to the castle where she is needed to win the war that has been brewing.

Not only has everyone disappeared, but everything in her life is the opposite of what it should be. Nothing can prepare her for what she discovers, and once again she finds herself not knowing who she can trust.

About the author:

Promotional picture of author Stacy Claflin.     Stacy Claflin lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, their two boys and their dog. Deception is her first published novel. Stacy has been writing short stories and novels since she was about nine years old.

Her favorite genre, to read and write, is young adult paranormal romance. When she isn’t writing, she loves spending time with her friends and family. She runs a home-based preschool and also educates her children from home.

To learn more about Stacy visit her website or her Facebook page. She can also be found on Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.

Be sure and check out my reviews of her other books Betrayal and Deception.

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