Nip It By Kristen Fredricks And Jeanie Wade

Cover picture of Nip It by Kristen Fredricks and Jeanie Wade.Nip It: Stop Negativity Moment by Moment by Kristen Fredricks and Jeanie Wade has a lot of good advice in it.

The authors tell you how to recognize negative moments(and people) and give you lots of tips and techniques that will help you learn to turn them from negative to positive moments.

And if you can’t manage to make it positive (some things just are NOT) you can still learn to deal with it better. Maybe.

It does take practice and you have to keep at it.

The authors actually make it sound easy. It isn’t easy. Not for me anyway. However – if/when you manage to do it…it can make life a lot happier.

I’m still working on it. I have managed to get myself to pause(mostly) – so I have a chance to ACT instead of REACT. You wouldn’t think that could make such a huge difference…but it does.

You are gonna have to try it yourself though. You won’t really believe it till you try it.

Go on. You will like it. Really! I do.

About the book:

Every person’s life has room for more positivity, and positivity is always your choice. The personal stories and real-life situations in Nip It challenge you to see your life as a series of individual moments over which you have control. Then you can choose to “nip” the negative moments and turn them into something more positive.

The authors provide hints and tips to help you recognize the negative situations you encounter, find ways to change their impact, and help you shift the outcomes from negative to positive. By the end of the book, you will have a toolset that will allow you to act rather than react when faced with a negative moment. When you apply the techniques that are outlined, you can begin to experience more positive life moments. And with practice, you’ll find that your positive moments turn into positive hours, then positive days, weeks, and months, which can lead to an overall life of greater positivity.

About the Authors:

Promo picture of author Kristen Fredricks.

Kris Fredricks has more than twenty years experience guiding groups to enhanced teamwork and more effective performance. She uses her naturally optimistic attitude to help others create a positive vision for how they will work together more effectively. Her natural enthusiasm is contagious.




Promotional picture of author Jeanie Wade.


Jeanie Wade has spent more than thirty years leading teams and understands how one negative team member can impact an entire team. She, like many people, is not a naturally positive person, so she enjoys sharing her insights on how practicing positivity every day can change your life.


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  1. I agree. Letting go of negativity has proven to be a pretty tough feat for me, as well. But it never hurts to try, does it? Even if I could get one good thing out of this book, that could still be considered a win. (How’d you like that positivity, Huh? *nudge nudge*)

    1. Lol. That is a pretty positive way of looking at it :). I’m pretty sure you would get more than one good thing out of the book though.

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