Respect Has Changed, Or Disappeared

Picture of a cemetery.

My father-in-laws funeral was Monday.

We drove from the funeral home out to the cemetery. Most folks going the other way still pulled over or stopped but a few did not.

Not too long ago it would have been every single one of them.

And even twenty years ago people would not have even thought about going to a funeral without dressing up.

These days no one seems to care.

It used to be seen as a sign of respect. For the dead and the mourners. I guess these days you are supposed to assume that everyone has respect. Or maybe just assume that they do NOT respect anything.

The lack of respect seems to be the most likely explanation. Most folks don’t dress up for church or lots of other special occasions either.

The few weddings I have attended even had a few folks show up in jeans and t-shirts. One of the brides was definitely not happy with that…the other didn’t seem to care.

The times have changed and are still changing. I think they have changed for the worse.

What do you think? Do you dress up for funerals?

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  1. Yes! Dress up for funerals, weddings, church, and other important events. I’m all about being comfortable in my everyday activities, but dressing up is one way we show that some events are more important than a trip to the grocery store. Like you, I’m sad that many people have stopped dressing up.

    And yes to stopping for a funeral procession also. The one thing I wish is that ALL funeral homes would use the little magnetic flags for each car in the procession. It’s sometimes impossible to tell that a line of cars is a procession if you’ve come upon them in the middle (at an intersection, for instance) and don’t see the hearse at the front.

  2. I dress up for funerals, but I’ve been fortunate not to have to attend very many since I’ve been an adult that I didn’t realize that pulling over if you’re going the other direction was a thing. I wouldn’t have even thought to do something like that, not out of a lack of respect but because I didn’t know that was something you were supposed to do to show respect.

    I think that’s probably the case with many of my generation. As for dressing up for weddings, it depends on the people getting married and where it’s being held. In Texas, nice jeans at a non-church wedding isn’t unusual and there are some churches who encourage people attend service in jeans to increase attendance. If you expect a specific wardrobe for your guests, put a dress code on the invite. If I ever get married, the invite will specifically say no formal attire required because I’d rather people be comfortable than dress up because it’s expected.

    1. Pulling over for a funeral may not be a “thing” everywhere. My husband said he never saw that happen up north. I have seen it all my life in Arkansas, and Alabama, and other areas of the south.

      Folks in cities might not be able to do that…too much traffic makes it dangerous. But in rural areas and small towns…folks down here always pulled over.

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