Tales Of A Super Hero Pro Wedding Photographer By Bill Collins

Disclosure: I received a free book to review.

Cover of Tales of a Super Hero Pro Wedding Photographer by Bill Collins.Tales of a Super Hero Pro Wedding Photographer by Bill Collins is a pretty interesting book.

I got to review a proof of the black and white photo edition. There have been some changes made in the edition that you can buy now. Improvements of course.

From the emails I have gotten about that it sounds like it was mainly just re-organizing and making it look more appealing.

Personally I don’t think it needed much. The copy I saw was pretty nice. It has a lot of really good pictures in it. Makes me wish he had been around when I got married.

Besides the pictures there are a lot of interesting stories about weddings he photographed and problems he had.  He was a professional photographer for 45 years and photographed weddings full time for a large port of those years. That is a lot of experience!

Anyone thinking about becoming a photographer should read this book first. They might be able to avoid a lot of the same problems that way. The book contains a lot of information about how he ran his business too and some of the things he changed along the way to help prevent problems.

There are also tips about how to take good photographs that would be helpful to anyone wanting to take pictures of people.

I enjoyed reading the stories and looking at the pictures.

For more information about the book (including the prologue) visit the Bill Collins: Semi-Retired Pro Wedding Photographer website.

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  1. Thanks so much for your book review of “Tales of a Super Hero Pro Wedding Photographer”. I really appreciate the time you put into reading and reviewing it.

    You’ve picked up a follower, as I will be visiting your blog often to read your other reviews as they are posted.


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