Do You Really Need To Explain?

Picture of Question Marks.

Seriously. Do you really need to explain everything to everybody? Why?

This bugs me. It bugs me when my husband does it. It bugs me when my mom does it. It bugs me when my dad does it. It really bugs me when I catch myself doing it.

But. But. BUT.  To really really really bug the hootie out of me you have to be in a long line at the pharmacy.

I mean like in front of 10 other people who are all just wanting to get their meds and get out of there. Well ok…some of them might not have had anything better to do than stand in line at Wal-mart.  Some of them may even do that sort of thing for fun. There are a lot of weird people in this world.

In any case…does the pharmacist (or the checker) really need to know everything the doctor said during your exam? Do they really need to know why you finally decided to go to the doctor after feeling bad for 6 months?

Of course this sort of thing happens everywhere. Do the tellers at the bank need to know exactly why you are taking out that money and what you are gonna do with it and a word for word recounting of the arguments with your wife? Really??

Maybe if there were no other people in line…or if I wasn’t in a hurry.

Then again maybe I should just adjust my life so there isn’t ever any hurry…I could hear a lot of interesting stories.

But if I listen to you…you have to stick around and hear about my hemorrhoids. Deal?


photo credit: makeitgreat via photopin cc


  1. But those people don’t have blogs to let people know what happened at their doctor appointment — what else do you expect the “unblogged” to do? ;)

    1. Ok, Ok, you have a point. But if they are gonna talk about Dr. appointments the could do it privately…not in the line at the pharmacy where the whole world can hear them. And not only hear them but have to wait for them to finish telling it all.

      Yea I need to work on the patience thing.

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