Forgiven By Maureen S. Taylor, Ed.D.

Cover of Forgiven by Maureen S. Taylor, Ed.D. Forgiven by Maureen S. Taylor, Ed.D. is billed as a romance, and it is.  There is definitely romance in there. But there is so much more.

When I think of romance books it those comfy books you read curled up in the recliner or on the beach.  This book isn’t a comfort book.

Forgiven has some psychological thriller, a bit of action (near the end anyway), some mystery, and a really wonderful dog.

Just calling it a romance doesn’t get it. There is tragedy and grace and inspiration. It is a good read, but NOT an easy ready. At least not for me.

About the Book:

And it all ends happily ever after…or does it? While just a child, Katie Stewart suffers the tragic loss of her parents leaving her with an overshadowing fear of uncertainty about her life and where she belongs. Raised by Dolly, her devoted grandmother and woman of great faith, Katie struggles with her beliefs in a God that has allowed so much pain and suffering into her life. Plagued by panic attacks, Katie longs for a normal life with the anxiety held at bay. A middle school teacher disenchanted with life, Katie has met the man of her dreams who will chase away the dragons and protect her until the end of time. Stewart, a CPA and shrewd businessman, has found the only woman he has ever loved. Considered a player and commitment phobe, Scott struggles with his fear of losing Katie, which brings him through a transformation that leaves him unrecognizable to himself and others. Katie’s therapist and anxiety specialist, Dr. Chris Martin, complicates Katie’s life in irreversible ways leaving her on the road to recovery but at a great cost. And add to the mix an adorable yellow Labrador retriever, Beau, who knows with certainty and great happiness that he is the center of the universe. Faithful Beau becomes a life line that anchors Katie and drives her out of despair.

About the Author:

Being a child of southern coastal heritage, I love all things from the beach and summer vacations. And yes, I would gladly send our humidity up towards Canada so we can share the suffering. As an educator of twenty-four years, there is something this close to magical when that last student leaves and we lock the doors behind us. Nothing better.
Books have been a major part of my life since I began reading at a precocious age, much to my parents chagrin. I have been told when no one would listen to me read, I’d engage my imaginary friend who sat silently suffering through the ordeal. My love of writing came shortly thereafter, and I’m afraid I made my friends and angels listen to my stories as well. That deep abiding love has inspired me to try and instill the love of writing and reading to the students I teach.
My house is run by three adorable, ragamuffin kitties who do not understand that I am the boss. Couple that with a ninety pound yellow lab and I am clearly not the alpha female in the house. All the kitties love books and sit on them, or my Kindle, as soon as I start to read. Paxton, my master tongue bather, knows he is the center of his universe and has been trying for years to get me to see his vision. Happiness in fur!
Finally, my wonderful son, Chris, keeps me humble yet feeling loved. Motherhood is hard work and I have heard it said that there is no greater joy than that. With his wonderful sense of humor, talents and warm personality, I find myself blessed.

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