Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Reality Shock!

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Reality Shock!The new Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Reality Shock! will be released on September 9.

It is just as good as the 2013 edition, and the 2012 edition. Maybe even better.

It has several different sections. One is about animals, and includes this cat.

Lazarus is an unusual looking feline with a lovable disposition. Born with a cleft palate that makes him look like almost vampiric, this cat is so warm and cuddly that his owner is using him as a therapy cat.


And this crazy (he must be right??) guy.

4_ Defying DeathA kind of real life Spider Man, Mustang Wanted dangles from buildings and cranes without any safety harness. He has performed pushups and other feats hanging more than 300ft above ground, where any slip could cause him to plummet.

The book has a lot more animals and lot of other crazy people doing scary things. There is a fella who jumps off of bridges even though he is in a wheel chair.

Of course there are also the smallest things, and the largest things. Amongst the largest things is a big toe, a nose, and a lady with the largest hips in the world.

There is also a lady with really long fingernails of over 18 inches. There are pictures of her brushing her teeth and signing her name. It isn’t easy with nails that long. She did cut her long toenails because they were too much in the way, but is growing them out again too.

There are pictures of lots of other interesting things too. A dress made out of rose petals. A chicken made of eggshells. A mouse skateboarding.  A man in a tutu.

This is a great book to have on the coffee table for company to look at. Especially kids. They will love it!

You can visit their website to order your Ripley’s Book, or check out Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! on Facebook and Twitter.

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