Fashionable And Edgy Hair Accessories.

Hair accessories from Blunt LA.

Blunt LA makes some really neat Hair Accessories. There are three different designs.

Becky design from Blunt LA.Reba design from Blunt LA.Rebeka design from Blunt LA.I think younger people will really like these.  Especially young folks who like keeping up with all the latest fashions.

They do look nice in your hair.  At least they did look nice in MY hair.

This one is called Reba.

Reba by Blunt LA in my hair.


This one is Rebeka.

Rebeka by Blunt LA in my hair.

They are little bobby pin type clips. My mom said they would make great lapel pins. You can wear them on your shoes, or your purse too. Or just about anywhere you want to wear them.

In fact some folks have been spotted wearing them on the Red Carpet and in magazine articles.

Becky by Blunt LA in my hair.

This one is called Becky.

Becky by Blunt LA in my braid.

It is a larger butterfly clip.

These clips were created by a hairstylist who believes that your hair is just as important as everything else you are wearing.

These accessories seem to be really well made and they are a very pretty shiny gold color.

They should appeal to all the young city folks. Probably all the young country folks too, since they are guns. I expect gun advocates will like them.

This would be one way to carry a gun without getting into any trouble at all.

You can order from the Blunt LA website. You can follow Blunt LA on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.


  1. I’m sure these will be super popular at Columbine, Sandyhook or many other schools that have learned a great deal about guns in recent years.

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