Green Smoothies By Jonathan Vine

Green Smoothies : 50 Amazing Recipes for a Healthy Diet.Green Smoothies : 50 Amazing Recipes for a Healthy Diet by Jonathan Vine is an excellent resource for anyone who is wanting to eat healthier.

The author includes lots of information on why you should try to eat healthy in the first place, as well as why he considers green smoothies the healthiest way to eat.

One of the points he makes is that eating natural foods without changing them at all is probably the healthiest way to go. Meaning you pretty much eat them the way they come out of the garden.

The author says that cooking veggies tends to change them into less nutritious versions, so you are not getting as much out of the foods you eat. Besides that people tend to add things (like sugar, and salt) when cooking which reduces the health value.

Unfortunately lots of veggies don’t taste all that great right out of the garden (some greens are really strong), and you would have to eat a lot of them to get all your nutrients. So smoothies are the way to go.

Smoothies are about as natural as you can get.  The only changes to the veggies are blending them with other veggies or fruits (improves the flavor a lot).

One smoothie can give you much of the nutrients you need for the day, and they are not that hard to make.

There are 50 recipes in this book, and they use lots of different veggies. Some of them I have no desire to try, but the fruit smoothies are really good.

If you are looking for some good smoothie recipes this book has them! You can get a copy here.

Jonathan Vine also wrote Vegetarian Weight Loss . You can find some information about the author on Goodreads.

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