My Chicks Are All Grown Up Now

Remember the little bitty chicks I got this past spring?

Orpington Chicks about 12 days old.

They are not little anymore.

My ckicks all grown up.

In the past week they have started laying eggs. I have found the eggs laying out in the yard all over the place. It seems the first time they lay an egg they don’t know what’s going on, and so they are not prepared for it. It happens wherever they happen to be at the moment.

Yesterday there was a little bitty egg.

My chicks first egg.See how little it is compared to the regular size ones? All of the first eggs laid by the young ones were small but this one is really small.

I think the small egg was laid by the last chick to start laying. If I’m right I should start getting a lot of small eggs for a while.

The older chickens are moulting (some of them anyway).  They look funny with feathers growing back in. They don’t lay eggs while in moult so I won’t get as many big eggs as usual (till spring probably).

One of the young hens has gotten over the fence twice so far. She has been lucky and none of the local dogs saw her out. If she keeps getting out one the dogs is going to end up having a chicken dinner.

I can’t think of any way to keep her from getting out. You have any ideas?

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