The Best Wrinkle Prevention Method

Do you know the best way to prevent wrinkles? Stay out of the sun. Or at least prevent the sun from doing any damage when you are out in it.

That means use sunscreen. Every Single Time!

Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer from TwinLuxe. Any sunscreen is better than none, but those of us getting on up there in age also need anti-aging creams and moisturizers.  Most good moisturizers don’t have SPF (Sun Protection Factor), which means protection from harmful UVA / UVB sun rays.  The moisturizers that do have SPF often are not considered in any way anti-aging.

This anti-aging SPF moisturizer contains “new technology stem cells and high levels of antioxidants”, according to the label and the TwinLuxe website.

If you are looking for a good sunscreen that is also an anti-aging moisturizer this one is pretty good.

It is a thick rich feeling cream that goes on easy and doesn’t feel sticky. It soaks in quickly and you actually forget you have it on.

It does prevent sun burn for sure. I used it before going out one day and forgot to take the bottle with me. I was out in the sun for more than 4 hours and did not get burned. You are supposed to re-apply every two hours, but if my experience is any indication you can go longer without putting more on.

The moisturizer part works too. My face did feel really nice after applying it.

I like it.

For more information, or to check out their other products visit their website.  You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

I received a free product to review. My opinion is 100% my own.

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