It’s Either Feast Or Famine Around Here

Orpington Chicks about 12 days old.Remember those cute little bitty chicks from this past spring?

There are not so little anymore. I happen to think they are still sort of cute, but a lot bigger for sure.

Anyway, the hens had all been laying their eggs either in the box just off the ground, or out in the yard.

Chickens, young one in back.

The young hens have not apparently figured out how to tell when they need to go nest. I have found eggs all over the place. One was in the dust bath area, one was just out in the grass, and one was hidden under a little bush.

So I had not thought to check inside the closed part of the coop for a few days. Yesterday I did check inside and guess what I found???

A huge pile of eggs. There were 19 eggs in there! I was starting to worry about some of the hens because I thought they should be laying and I wasn’t finding that many eggs.  I had only been finding maybe 4 or 5 a day, because the older hens have been moulting. Now I know what happened to the eggs.

So I have a lot of eggs. Anyone need some? I gave some to my mom, but I still have too many.

These are brown eggs, and the hens are free range to an extent. They can go out in that yard whenever they want, and they eat grass and bugs, and whatever else they can catch or dig up, as well as the commercial feed I get for them.

If you live anywhere close and would like some eggs just holler.


    1. I wish you were that close. You could have all the eggs you guys could eat. And come over for coffee. That would be fun.

      Oh yea and I could get wardrobe advice :p

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