Great Gifts For Foodies From The Artisanal Kitchen

The Artisanal Kitchen Logo.Getting the chance to review some items from The Artisanal Kitchen™ was really exciting.

I’m not a great cook but I do love to eat, and since you have to cook (often anyway) first then you really should have the best ingredients you can get.

The Artisanal Kitchen™  offers all natural products that are made in smaller batches and are high quality. The spices are free of preservatives, and are hand-bottled locally.  The Grains, Pasta, Rice, & Beans come in small bags (the everyday items) that hold 12 oz.

For most of the items that is at least enough for two dinners, unless you are cooking for a horde, which I try my best never to do (I leave that for other family members).

The Artisanal Kitchen™ is going to be offering  their grains, rices, and beans, in special Mason Jar Gift sets this holiday season. Each of the Gift Sets will include two packages of the products, one in a “beautifully decorated jar and another in our everyday packaging that includes back panel of great recipe ideas and directions”.

These pictures show Gift Sets with two packages of the Flageolet Beans.

Gift Set Flageolet Beans BasketGift Set Flageolet Beans Box.

Or you can get sets with several bags of different products. This one has several different types of rice, including Purple Sticky Rice, and Bamboo Rice.

Rice Gift Box from The Artisanal Kitchen.

The Artisanal Kitchen™ sent me a gift basket to review. It was much larger than I expected. It came in a box and was wrapped really well.

My Gift Basket from The Artisanal Kitchen wrapped for shipping.I like the paper it was wrapped in, it is really pretty, and I’m keeping it. I have no idea what I’m gonna do with it, but I’ll find something.

Basket with plastic cover.

Under that was some plastic covering it to protect it from getting wet.

Gift Basket from The Artisanal Kitchen.The basket contained a lot of great items. Packages from The Artisanal Kitchen.This Gift Basket contained:

The total value of this Gift Basket (including shipping) was $165. That is a lot of great ingredients to use in my kitchen.

The packages have recipes on the back too, in case you don’t know how to use that particular item. That is a good thing because I have never even seen Amaranth Grain before much less used it.

I loved this Gift Basket just for all the items in it, but the basket itself was lovely too.

Metal Basket from The Artisanal Kitchen.It will make a great decorative pot for keeping flowers in or even a planter maybe.

Any of these Gift Baskets would make great presents for all the cooks you know. Especially if you want to get invited to dinner.

I really liked the basket they sent me to review.

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I received a free product to review.


    1. The beans. lol. I love beans. The rice is good too though. Haven’t tried the Amaranth though. The poultry seasoning is good too. My husband liked it so you know it has to be.

  1. What great gift ideas, these are! I will be looking through the catalog for Christmas Presents! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. These will make great gifts! I am always looking for something different and special and this is perfect!

  3. I would love to give or receive these this year! I love that they have recipes that come with them.

  4. I love food gifts! They are always perfect for someone who already has everything. I’m always a big fan of consumable gifts over knick knacks and stuff that just will sit around and collect dust!

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