Lunch At Linga Longa Coffee Bistro

A very good lunch today at Linga Longa Coffee Bistro.

Lunch at Linga Longa Coffee Bistro.The special is a half sandwich and soup for $5.50.

I went for the ham and cheese sandwich. The soup of the day was Broccoli and cheese, which is one of my favorites. It was good.

They also have turkey and Swiss sandwiches. And at least one other kind (I can’t remember what it was).

They have salads too.

And Coffee! All sorts of coffee. My husband loves the caramel frappes. I had a Mocha.

A really good lunch for the price (especially if you are not the one paying for it :p). And it was quick. Really good service. Very nice people in there.

They do have internet access available too so you can go in there and sit and troll Facebook while you have lunch.

It would be a nice place to read a newspaper and have some coffee in the morning too.

It is located in The Biz Center on Kingshighway (412) just down from Wal-Mart (on the left if you are heading west). It is in the big old  building that used to have a dry cleaners.

There is an area in the building there that can be rented out for meetings, receptions, reunions, or whatever. It looks real nice inside.

If you haven’t been in there yet you should check it out. Get some coffee. Sit a while.

Tell ’em I said hi.

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