Portable Power Bank Charger From Linkon

Linkon Portable Charger.This portable charger from Linkon is pretty nice. It is small enough to fit in my purse easy. You can actually stick it in your pocket if you need to.

It comes in several different colors too so you could get one to match your car color if you wanted to. Or get one of each color to match your outfits (that seems a bit extreme to me but some folks like to have everything match).

This charger works on a Kindle and on a LG phone. So far those are the only things I have used it on. It does come with several different attachments that fit other electronics.

Linkon Portable Charger and attachments.If you want to charge this using a regular plug in you do need to get an adapter separately (if you don’t already have one). I already had an adapter for my kindle so I used that. You can charge this using a usb port instead, and that might actually be easier.

This charger holds more than enough power to completely recharge a kindle.

Some of the features(According to Linkon):

Automatic Charging – connect the cable and charging begins, it’s that simple!
Power Check – Press the power button to check the power level of the battery charger. Display will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.
Automatic Shut Down – The battery charger will automatically shut down after 30 seconds when not connected so you will never have to worry about unexpectedly turning it on.
Aluminum Alloy Casing – Strong and durable shell to ensure the battery charger will accompany you for many years.
Will not Overheat – When charging or recharging the LINKON Power Stick, it will NOT overheat unlike many other external battery chargers.
Portable for Absolute Convenience – Measuring only 3.5inch long, the LINKON Power Stick will fit comfortably in any pocket or bag.

This is a very sturdy and nice looking charger, and it is very easy to use. Just plug it in to your phone and it starts working.

For more information check out the Linkon website or follow them on Facebook.

I received a free item to review.

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