A Probiotic Just For Women

Hyperbiotics Pro-Women Pfobiotic Pills.I have been taking probiotics for years.  You can get a some from foods like yogurt and cheese, but if you don’t really like yogurt, and cheese makes you constipated, then you have to get them somewhere else.

Chances are that if you have ever taken an antibiotic, for anything at all,  you probably need a probiotic, to help replenish the good bacteria that are supposed to be in your digestive system.  Antibiotics can (and do) kill the good ones at the same time as the bad ones.

Pro-Women contains the 6 strains of probiotics, including L. reuteri, which are most helpful to women. The tablets are made  with controlled-release technology, so they don’t release all the the bacteria at once, which means more of them actually make it to your large intestine.

You need the good bacteria in your gut to help digest your food. Without the good bacteria helping to break down the food you won’t be getting all the nutrition out of everything you eat, and you might end up eating more just to make up for it (and getting fat). So probiotics can help you maintain your weight, or even lose some.

This particular probiotic from Hyperbiotics also has some cranberry extract that is really good for your urinary health. I know everyone says that you should be drinking cranberry juice if you have a urinary infection. I would rather prevent the urinary infection if at all possible.

Check out this information sheet (if you can’t read it, click to go to the page, then click twice to enlarge it).

Information sheet on Pro-Women Probiotics.

These tablets are not hard to swallow, and they seem to work. I really like having an easy way to get the probiotics.

You can check out Hyperbiotics on YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and read my review of their Pro-15.

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