Relax With The Live Well Series

The Live Well Series is a set of CDs that feature music by Jeff Gold and the voice of Janet Montgomery.

Janet Montgomery C.H.T. is a Certified Hypnotherapist and from what I could hear of the cd myself she has a nice voice.
Cover of Sleep Well for Kids.
I got to listen to Sleep Well for Kids: The Original, and Sleep Well for Kids: Under the Sea. The music is nice.  It is a soothing sound. I liked it. It probably sounds even better to someone who can actually hear all of it. I expect that much of the sound is lost on me since I am legally deaf.

Sleep Well for Kids: Under the Sea.

I think it would be very restful though. The cd case does contain a warning not to listen to the cds while driving, and for kids to use earbuds if they are listening in the car, so I’m pretty sure it is really restful.

You can hear some samples on the Live Well website.

Jeff Gold has several cds available that are good for kids. Especially kids with special needs such as those with Autism.  You can read my review  of his music from a couple of years ago.

Both the Live Well Series and Jeff Gold Music can be found on Facebook. Please check them out and “like” them.

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