Predator Guard Scare Tape Repels Birds

Predator Guard Scare Tape. This scare tape from Predator Guard is a pretty neat idea. Scarecrows have worked for years, as well as those thingys that make the whining/whistling noise (can’t remember what those are called – anyone know?).

Anyway this tape does scare birds. It works on chickens too. At least as long as it is actually moving. They don’t seem to mind it much as long as the wind isn’t blowing.

Around here there is almost always some wind though, so it should keep them out of anything I don’t want them into.

I’m gonna be putting this on my strawberry patch come spring. Probably all around my tomatoes too. Not sure where else. The plum tree? The fig tree? I’ll probably think of more places too.

For now I just put some up in the corner of the chicken yard to see if it would work on them.

Scare Tape on the fence around my chicken yard.I put it there to try to keep them from eating all the seeds off the vines. I want some of them to come up there next year. It seems to have worked. Guess I won’t know for sure till next year.

I think it would probably work really well around gardens too. It is mostly meant for daytime critters but if the wind is blowing and the tape is flapping, and making noise it would probably do a number on night time predators too.

It is a worth a try anyway. If you have predators you want to scare away you can buy some scare tape of your own on

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