An Unlikely Suitor By Nancy Moser Review

Cover of An Unlikely Suitor by Nancy Moser.An Unlikely Suitor by Nancy Moser is a really good historical romance. It is actually three different romances blended into one big story.

I love historical romances, and this is one of the best I have read in a long time. It is really well written and just sort of drags you into the story.

I really liked the characters. Two poor girls, and their mom, and one rich girl and her family, and of course the men who ended up romancing the three girls.

One really great thing about this book is that what you think is going on, isn’t the whole story…which you don’t know till the end of the book. I love that it kept me guessing.

About the book:

Lucy Scarpelli, an Italian dressmaker from New York, befriends socialite Rowena Langdon as she’s making her summer wardrobe. It’s an unlikely friendship, but one that Rowena encourages by inviting Lucy to the family mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. Grateful for Lucy’s skill in creating clothes that hide her physical injury, Rowena encourages Lucy to dream of a better future. One day Lucy encounters an intriguing man on the Cliff Walk, and love begins to blossom. Yet Lucy resists, for what man will accept her family responsibilities? Rowena also deals with love as she faces a worrisome arranged marriage to a wealthy heir. And Lucy’s teenage sister, Sofia, takes up with a man of dubious character. All three women struggle as their lives, and those of each unlikely suitor, become intertwined in a web of secrets and sacrifice. Will any of them find true happiness?  This book was named to Booklist’s “Top 10 Romances of 2011”

About the Author:

Author Nancy Moser.Nancy Moser is the award-winning author of over twenty novels that focus on the characters discovering their unique purpose. Her genres include both contemporary and historical stories.

Nancy’s newest book is “The Journey of Josephine Cain”. It follows the adventures of a D.C. socialite as she gets involved with the building of the Transcontinental Railroad right after the Civil War. Prim and proper meets rough and rowdy.

Her 2011 release “An Unlikely Suitor” was named to Booklist’s “Top 10 Romance Novels of 2011”. Both “An Unlikely Suitor” and “Masquerade” are set in the Gilded Age of New York City.  Released last fall was a Christmas/Quilt anthology,”A Patchwork Christmas”, containing three novellas by Moser, Stephanie Grace Whitson, and Judith Miller.

Moser’s contemporary books are known for their big-cast utilization of multiple points-of-view and intricate plotting. Some titles are “John 3: 16″, “The Sister Circle”, “The Good Nearby”, and “The Invitation.”

Her historical bio-novels allow real women-of-history to share their life stories: “Just Jane” (Jane Austen), “Mozart’s Sister” (Nannerl Mozart), “Washington’s Lady” (Martha Washington) and “How Do I Love Thee?” (Elizabeth Barrett Browning.)

Her time-travel novel, “Time Lottery”, won a Christy Award and “Washington’s Lady” was a finalist.

Nancy and her husband Mark live in the Midwest. She’s earned a degree in architecture, traveled extensively in Europe, and has performed in numerous theaters, symphonies, and choirs. She gives “God’s Gifts Workshops” around the country, helping women identify their gifts as they celebrate their sisterhood. She paints canes voraciously, kills all her houseplants, and can wire an electrical fixture without getting shocked. She is a fan of anything antique–humans included.

You can visit Nancy on her website, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

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