Feels like Playing In The Rain – Aquagenix Razor® Rainfall Shower Head

Aquagenix Razor® Rainfall Shower HeadDo you remember playing in the rain when you were little? I do. It was really fun.

You can get almost the same feeling from showering under this Aquagenix Razor® Rainfall Shower Head.

ipShowers.com sent me one, and it arrived yesterday. It took my hubby about 5 minutes to get it out of the box, and into our shower stall.

Aquagenix® Razor Mega Size Rainfall Shower Head.

A few minutes after that I was in there washing my hair.

I love this shower head! It was a lot bigger than I expected from the pictures. The water falls on my entire head now, which makes it a lot easier to rinse the shampoo out of my hair.

The arm can be raised up or lowered, so even someone really tall could manage a shower with it. The head moves a bit too so you can direct the water to the side if you need to.

I love the look of the Aquagenix® Razor Mega Size Rainfall Shower Head too. It is shiny and sleek looking. Much nicer than our old plastic shower head. You can get a square one instead of the round one that I chose.

You can also buy the heads and the arm separately.

I wouldn’t mind having another one for our guest bathroom.

You can buy one from ipShowers.com, Amazon.com, or Overstock.com.


I received a free product to review.

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