Keep Your Sheets On The Mattress With Epica Bedding Anchors

Edited on 1/3/18 because the Epica brand is no longer sold on The ones I have are still working really well for me, so they are really good. If you find them anywhere please send me a link. In the meantime the Bed Band is similar. Not sure if the quality is the same since I haven’t tried them. If you do try them, please let me know what you think!
Elpica Bedding AnchorsEpica Bedding Anchors are a really great way to keep your sheets on the mattress.

The best thing about them is that they are adjustable. So you can use them on sheets that are way too big for the mattress, or on sheets that are really too small.

I happen to have both problems, with different sheet sets.

An old set that my mother-in-law got me a few years back, are just a bit too small for the new mattresses we have now.  The sheets come off the mattress by the second night sleeping on them.

A newer set of sheets is just a bit too big, those sheets also tend to come off the mattress by the second or third night.

I put these anchors on several days ago and my sheets are still on the mattress!

Another great thing about the Epica Bedding Anchors, is that they have plastic bits inside the clips to protect your sheets. Some old clips I used before, that only had metal tore one of my sheet. That is not likely to happen with these new anchors.

Besides that you can use these just about anywhere, not just on your bed. If you have some heavy drapes that need to be held in place, or furniture covers, (a blanket on the couch to keep the dogs from messing it up!), or a vehicle cover, a BBQ cover (wind gets it every time), these anchors will work just fine on those too.

I am very happy with them so far.

Do you use bedding anchors? What do you think of these?

I received a free product to review.

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