Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops Great New Flavor

Lemon Citrus flavored Pine Bros. Throat Drops.These are the same great throat drops I reviewed before (read my review).

They are the same throat drops made with the same natural ingredients, that have been made for many years now.

The only real difference is the new flavor.

The Lemon Citrus flavored ones are made with lemon oil. They taste good. I liked them.

My favorite flavor is still the Natural Honey though.

You can also buy some Pine Bros. T-Shirts these days.

And if you want to help fund pediatric cancer research you can buy some of their children’s books. All the profits from the Pine Bros Charity Press go towards funding for this cause.

You can buy the T-Shirts and Throat Drops in the Pine Bros Online Store, at,, and, as well as in stores.

Please follow @pinebros on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook. They are also on Pinterest if you would like to follow them there.

I got some free throat drops to review.

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