Don’t Burn Your Hands Baking And Grilling

Get some of these pretty heat resistant gloves from AYL to wear while baking and grilling.

Premium Silicone Heat Resistant GlovesThen you won’t have to worry about burned hands.

These gloves are insulated and waterproof, and since they are gloves you can grip better with them than with mittens.

I used them right after they came in, and they are really nice.

They do insulate pretty good. The instructions say they are good for temperatures up to 425 degrees.

Premium Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves from AYL.

My oven was set on 450 degrees that time, and they still worked, but I did start feeling the heat a bit by the time I got the dish to the stove (I was using a toaster oven on the other side of the room).

These gloves also have that no slip design to help you keep a grip on whatever it is you are cooking. I really liked that because I have a tendency to drop things (and knock them off the counters too – these gloves don’t help with that :p)

My mom saw these the next day and wanted them. They match the red accents in her kitchen, and she thought they would look a lot better in her kitchen.

She likes them too, and they do look good in her kitchen.

We haven’t used them for grilling (yet), because it is too cold here right now, but summer will be here before long, and they WILL get used.

I received a free product to review.


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