Get Your Garden Supplies Ready!

Spring will be here soon. I know it is hard to believe while there is ice on the ground, but it will be time to start getting your gardens ready pretty soon now. Some of you may already have started seeds.

It is good to have all your supplies ready before hand, so you don’t end up running round like a crazy person, trying to get everything ready.

So I’m getting all my stuff together now, so I know where it is, and what I have, and what needs to be bought.

One of the things I needed was a really good garden hose nozzle. The ones I had last year either ended up broken, or just started to leak.

Heavy Duty Garden Hose Nozzle.Unfortunately for me, my husband saw the nozzle before I took it outside, and he decided that since it was a Heavy Duty  Hose Nozzle, and looked to be extremely hardy, that it would be a good one to take out to the farm.

He did let me test it, and take a picture first. Wasn’t that nice of him?

Hosezzle Heavy Duty Garden Hose.This is a fire-hose type nozzle, that can do high pressure spray, or spread out spray like a sprinkler.

My husband thought it would work great for doing clean up out on the farm. The high pressure would work for getting poop (horse and fowl) off of where it isn’t supposed to be.

He could use the sprinkler spray for washing, or just cooling off the horses. He hasn’t used it on the horses yet because it is too cold right now, but come summer they are gonna love getting showers.

This is a really good, well made, sturdy nozzle.  I liked it, and so does my husband. If you need a new one for your garden, then you should try one of these.

I received a free item to review.

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