Need Help To Stop Snoring?

Snoring can ruin your sleep whether it is you snoring, or someone else. If it is you, snoring lowers the quality of your sleep, even if you don’t wake up.

If it is someone else, the snoring can wake you up, and even drive you mad (or at least make you mad).

Anti-Snore Nose Clip from Rami Naturals.So you have probably already tried several ways of solving the problem. Have you tried one of these nose clips?

It is an Anti-Snoring Nose Clip from Ramini Brands.

This clip fits in the nose, and puts pressure on the septum, making the nasal passage just a bit wider.

For mild snoring this can make a big difference. It works pretty much like those sticky tabs you put on your nose, but it has no adhesive (that some folks are allergic to), and it is washable, so you can reuse it.

It does make breathing easier. I have never actually heard myself snore (I’m asleep after all), but my hubby insists that it happens. I don’t know for sure that the clip changed that…I do know the hubs didn’t complain about me waking him up.

I figure even it is only really good for those times when I have a stuffed up nose, it will be worth it, because I won’t have to buy as many of those sticky tabs, and maybe not as much decongestants.

What do you think?


I received a free product to review.

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