Stay Safer At Night With A Reflective Vest

Reflective Vest from MuvePro.Being out on the roads at night can be dangerous, even on city streets where there are streetlights, and people are expecting to see pedestrians.

If you are out on a highway (especially out in the boonies), where people tend to drive fast, and are not expecting to see anyone on the road, it can be really dangerous.

Places where there are a lot of hills and curves are really bad. Of course in some cases wearing a reflective vest wouldn’t help much, because even if they see you, they won’t have time to react. That doesn’t really happen all that often however, and I for one, would prefer to have as much in my favor as possible.

So if you are out at night you need to make sure that you can be easily seen. That is true if you are walking, biking, or just having to change a tire.  One of my friends from school got hit by a car while changing a tire.

I wanted this Reflective Vest from MuvePro for my husband because he is out and about at night a lot. He is also out near where there are people hunting during the season, and he needs to makes sure the hunters don’t mistake him for a deer or something.

This vest is adjustable so it would fit most people. It fit my hubs just fine.

My husband wearing the MuvePro Reflective Vest.Do you are someone you know spend a lot of time outside at night? Do you have a safety vest?

I received a free item to review.

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