Beautiful Easy To Use Vintage Style Soup Mugs

Vintage Style Soup Mugs from Francois et Mimi.These vintage style soup mugs from Francois et Mimi are beautiful.

They are also really easy to eat or drink out of. I have used them every single day since they got here, and I love them.

The handles make them easy to hold, and carry with you. Much better for eating soup in the recliner (or on the porch) than a regular bowl.

Regular bowls tend to get spilled easy in my house, so I try not to take them out of the kitchen or dining area, where spills can be cleaned up easy. These mugs from Francois et Mimi  have the handle to hold on to. I haven’t spilled anything out of them yet.

I have eaten soup out of them.

Vintage Style Soup Mugs from Francois et Mimi with onion soup.

I have also used them for my coffee most mornings.

Vintage Style Soup Mugs from Francois et Mimi with coffee.

My husband likes them because they hold a lot (20oz) and don’t have to be refilled near as often as the regular mugs we have (in the case of coffee), and they hold enough soup that he isn’t wanting refills.

They are made of lead free stoneware and can be used in the microwave, and washed in the dishwasher.

They are sold on and come in sets of 4.

I received a free product to review.

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