Improve Your Mood With Essential Oils

Essential Oils can really help make you feel good. That is one of the reasons that aromatherapy has become such a big deal lately.

People have always known that the smell of flowers and trees can make you feel better, and potpourri has been popular for years, not to mention perfumes.

Essential oils are easier to use, because you don’t have to keep picking flowers, and replacing them. Just add a drop of oil and you are set.

I really like the Peppermint Essential Oil and the Lavender Essential Oil from InstaNatural. Both scents are really wonderful, and they come in 4 oz. bottles, and should last a long time (depends on how much you use of course).

Peppermind Essential Oil from InstaNatural.Lavender Essential Oil from InstaNatural.

The Peppermint Oil is great for putting around the kitchen since it tends to repel critters you don’t want in your kitchen (mice!). It also makes the trash can smell really good, if you put a drop in there.

It tends to have a generally uplifting effect, and seems to help give me more energy for the housecleaning too.

The Lavender Oil is great for using in the laundry, especially for sheets and pillow cases. Or you can put it in a diffuser in your bedroom, or just on a cotton ball. The scent of Lavender is known to be helpful for relaxing, so it is great for sleeping areas.

Both of these oils are 100% pure steam distilled, and have no added ingredients or fillers. They are also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no matter where you buy them.

You can purchase them on the InstaNatural website or from

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I received free products to review.

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  1. thanks for the review; I’m still out on Essential Oils but the more I hear about them the better I like the idea of them.

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