Be Prepared For Emergencies With The Magnesium Survival Fire Starter

Magnesium Survival Fire Starter.Having one of these Magnesium Survival Fire Starters could make the difference between being nice and warm, and freezing to death (or at least being cold and hungry).

If you go on camping and hiking trips a lot, this would be a good thing to carry with you. It has a rope you can use to tie it to your belt or backpack, or you can just stick it in your pocket.

It will come in handy if you fall in the creek, or get rained on and your matches get wet, or if you forgot your lighter (or lost it).

It is nice to have at home too. You never know when that huge earthquake might hit (or the country will get hit with an EMP, or an asteroid whomp us, or a zombie apocalypse, or aliens invade and you have to run -whatever).

It would be nice to be able to start a fire, or the BBQ, so you can stay warm and cook dinner, no matter what happens.

If you can’t find your matches or lighter (since I stopped smoking that is more of a problem), you could use this to get a lamp (or candles) lit too.

It does take practice, but once you know how, it is pretty easy to get sparks from this fire starter. Just make sure your tinder is really flammable and you are good to go.

I received a free product to review.

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