Put A Relaxing Hammock In Your Backyard

Parachute Nylon Hammock from Grand Trunk Goods.The best thing about having a hammock is that you can enjoy it just about anywhere.

The Double Parachute Nylon Hammock from Grand Truck Goods that they sent me for a review can be used in lots of different places.

We put it up in our backyard. I could have done it myself (it is that easy). The ropes that come with it wrap around a tree, or a post, or anything strong enough to hold it. Just make sure that whatever you attach it to is strong enough to hold at least one 200lb (or so) human, and possibly a dog or two, depending on your own situation.

We could probably get it up on our porch too, but the hubby wasn’t too keen on that. I think he was afraid that I would end up sleeping all day if we put it there. It would be awful tempting.

I would have liked to go on a short trip to try out the hammock, but haven’t managed it yet. Hopefully that will happen before the summer is over.

This is a really well made hammock too. It is triple stitched, and looks like it will last for years.

It comes with the little sack sewed to it, that you store it in. Double Parachute Nylon Hammock in the storage bag. I really like that. If the storage sack wasn’t attached to the hammock it would get lost.

We did not manage to get it back in the sack as neatly as they had it, but it did all fit.

It comes with the ropes and everything you need to attach it to the trees.  The ropes will not fit all trees though. Some of the trees in our yard are too big around. If you are planning to use the hammock in an area with large trees, you might want to buy some longer ropes, but most folks probably won’t need to do that.

We really like this hammock, and it will be really nice to have around during the summer.


I received a free product to review.

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