Use A Silicone Baking Mat For Healthier Baked Goods

Eco Baker Silicone Baking Mat.This Silicone Baking Mat from Eco Baker can help make all your baked goods healthier, because you don’t need to add extra fats just to keep things from sticking to the pan.

Less fats mean less calories, and not just any calories either. These are the bad calories, the ones that go right to your butt and thighs, and raise your cholesterol.

Besides that, using this baking mat makes clean up super easy.

I made our breakfast biscuits on it, and didn’t even have to use a rag to wash it off because there wasn’t anything left on it.

I just rinsed it and let it dry. I loved that!

The old cookie sheet I used to use, would have had stuck on bits that needed to either be soaked off or scraped off (even if I did oil and flour the pan).

A newer cookie sheet might not have as much stickage as that old one(I inherited it from my grandmother), but it still wouldn’t have been as good as this baking mat.

This mat from Eco Baker can be used up to 2000 times, which means it should last for 5 years if you use it once a day. In my case it should last way longer than that because I don’t bake that often. Those of you who do a whole lot of baking, will have to replace it a lot sooner though.

It is made of American (FDA) and European (LFGB) Approved Silicone Baking Material, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

I am very happy with it.

I received a free product to review.

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