Garden Blessings By June Cotner

Garden Blessings: Prose, Poems and Prayers Celebrating the Love of Gardening.Garden Blessings: Poems, Prose and Prayers Celebrating the Love of Gardening by June Cotner is a wonderful collection of garden related writings.

It includes  I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud by William Wordsworth, which is one of my favorite poems. There are a lot of other poems in there too, with subjects ranging from trees, to birds, and seasons.

The prayers for gardeners are nice too. I really like this book. It would be great for teaching kids about gardens, and outdoor life, and poetry of course.

About the book:

Our gardens grow us, and this moving collection of readings takes us through every season and down a path of pure pleasure. Garden Blessings is a one-of-a-kind treasury of uplifting prayers, prose and poems that share a common appreciation for the love of gardening and the many blessings that gardens bring to our lives. June Cotner, a bestselling inspirational author, has gathered a bounty of gifts from the garden here, offering gems of wisdom that remind the reader and gardener in all of us just how much we learn from nature.

The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the birds for mirth,
One is nearer God’s heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth.

—Dorothy Frances Gurney

About the author/editor:

Author and Editor June Cotner.JUNE COTNER is the author and editor of twenty-eight books, including the best-selling Graces, Bedside Prayers, and Dog Blessings. Her books altogether have sold nearly one million copies. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, June is the mother of two grown children and lives in Poulsbo, Washington with her husband. Her hobbies include yoga, hiking, paper crafting, and playing with her two grandchildren. For more information, please visit June’s website at You can also follow June on Twitter.

This book is published by Viva Editions as are several other great books I have reviewed including Word Catcher, Crafting Calm Girlfriends Forever, The Frugal Foodie Cookbook, Use Your Words, The Gratitude Power Workbook, The Lazy Gourmet, and Lemons And Lavender.

I received a free book to review.


  1. I’m just really amazed with the authors who incorporate things together to make a valuable book like this one. Would definitely get this one out. Thanks for sharing!

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