Get A Hamilton Horse Brush To Keep Your Horse Clean

Hamilton Horse Brush from Hamilton Products.As clean as you can keep a horse in the spring anyway.

Unless you are gonna brush them several times a day, they won’t be clean for long. At least not in this area.

It is really muddy out in the fields right now and the horses seem to love to roll in the worst spots.

Later in the year that could help keep the bugs off them but right now it is just a mess.

My husband says the Hamilton Horse Brush with crimped bristles is a really good horse brush. He has used it on several of the horses, and says they like it too.
Our horses in the field.

It is easy to hold and does a good job on the spots where they have already shed the winter coat. It doesn’t work as well on the thicker spots, except it does help remove the hair.

My husband says this is a good brush for removing dirt and dust, which is exactly what it is made for. This brush would be great for taking along to horse shows. It would give the horses coat a nice shine before they go out in public.

Hamilton also offeres brushes with soft and medium bristles.

The horses love being brushed, and they don’t really care what kind of brush you use.  I like this one, and so does my hubby. I expect you would like it too.

You can find more information by following Hamilton Products on Facebook or Twitter.

I received a free product to review.


  1. You know what? I can make use of that. My horse tends to accumulate so much dirt and dust after racing. But who am I kidding? I don’t really mind whenever he gets dirty as long as he keeps his winning streak. But it doesn’t mean I won’t give him a good bathing and brushing afterwards. After all, a clean horse is a happy and healthy horse!

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