Monitor Your Blood Oxygen Levels At Home

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter from Areta.If you need to keep track of your blood oxygen saturation levels at home, this little Fingertip Pulse Oximeter from Areta will be real handy.

It comes with a cord so you can hang it around your neck if you want to. It also comes with a little case, so it is protected if you just stick it in your purse or pocket.

It is a really neat little gadget. You just stick your finger in it and turn it on and a few seconds later it tells you your pulse rate, and your blood oxygen saturation levels.

Areta Fingertip Pulse OximeterThe digital numbers are easy to see and it also displays as a graph. You can change the direction of the display if you would rather it show horizontally.

It will automatically turn itself off after 10 seconds of no activity, so you can just take your finger out and it will shut itself off.

It does have batteries with it, and they will last for more than 24 hours of continuous use.

I like this product very much. It can really help ease your worries when/if you are feeling short of breath. You can just check and see if your blood oxygen is really low.

It is a great product to have around if you have problems with breathing, and need, or just want to know, your blood oxygen levels.

It has an alarm you can use to alert you of abnormal readings.

I received a free product to review.

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