Sanitize Your Trip With A Sanitizing UV Light Wand

UV Sanitizing Wand from MyBioDefense.If you travel a lot, and stay in places that may not be completely sanitary, or just worry about how sanitary your normal environment is, then you should check out this travel wand from MyBioDefense.

This Foldable UV Light Wand from MyBIODefense is a small travel light that produces UV-C light, which is known to kill germs.

It is a perfect size to carry along with you on trips. You can use it to sanitize the bathtub in hotels if you are not absolutely sure if the tub is clean.

It will work on any solid surface, like faucets, toilets, seat back trays, TV remotes, and phones.

It is also good for things that you can’t really clean well with other sanitizers, like your keyboard.

You have to hold it over the surface for a few seconds. The longer the surface is exposed to the light the more sanitized it will be, but they recommend several seconds for most things.  For some things it would take a lot longer. To kill  some molds you would have to expose it to the light for almost a minutes, maybe even longer depending on the type of mold.

You do need to be careful not to expose your eyes or skin to the light, but the wand does have a built in safety feature that turns the light off if you turn the wand sideways.

The wand comes with a cord so you can plug it into a USB slot and use it while it is plugged in, or you can put batteries in it and use it anywhere.

I like it.

I received a free product to review.

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