A Great Start For Outdoor Dining

Picnic BlanketThis extra large picnic blanket is great for outdoor dining. It is 60″ wide and 80″ long. It is big enough for all your food and several people to sit on.

It has a waterproof back which helps keep you dry and clean, even if it recently rained. The back also has a bit of cushioning to make sitting on it more comfortable.

Waterproof back of the picnic blanket.

That makes it great for beaches and damp river banks too.

You don’t have to use it for picnics of course. You can use it for laying out in the sun, or letting the baby play on it out in the yard.

The top of the blanket is really soft, and has a nice pattern. The one I have is blue stripes (plaid?). I love the look of it.

I really, really like the way it folds up so you can just carry it like a purse. It doesn’t weigh much either. The package says 1.3 lbs. That will make a big difference for moms who have to carry a lot of other stuff too.  If you really have a lot to carry you can stick stuff in the folds of the blanket and carry them that way.

Just don’t put too much in there, or it won’t fold up easy.

Practico Goods also makes a red picnic blanket, as well several items for the kitchen. For more information visit them on Twitter and Facebook, or visit their website.

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