A Work Light You Can Use Anywhere

LED Worklight from Aennon.This LED Work Light from Aennon can be used anywhere you need a work light. You don’t even need to hold it most places, because it has magnets on the stand, and a hook on the top.

So the magnets will hold it on anything metal, like a fuse box, an air conditioner intake, or the hood of a car. Or the frame of the car. You can use it underneath the car too, just be sure to put it where you won’t bump your head on it and knock it off.

I have mine stuck on the air conditioner intake in our hall.

Aennon Work Light.

I’m leaving it there because that is one of the places we need a light in an emergency. It is right opposite the restroom. That way we always know where at least one flash light is, when we need one.

My husband has used the light while working on the car. He really liked being able to stick it on the hood wherever he needs a light. It also has a hook so in case you need it where there is no metal for the magnets.

I like this work light because it has the lamp on it as well as the flashlight.

Aennon Work LIght using the lamp setting.It looks like it will last a long time and it is really bright.

I like it.

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I received a free product to review.

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