Keep Your Batteries Organized

Kovot Battery Organizer and Tester.Do you have batteries of all sizes taking up space in one of your drawers? Or spread all over the house so you have to hunt them down when you need them?

I did too, until this Kovot Battery Organizer and Tester arrived. It holds all the batteries we had, except for a few extra triple A batteries. We have more of those than other sizes, and I just stuck then the double A slots. It worked.

My battery organizer with all the batteries in it.I had a lot of batteries just laying in the drawer. I couldn’t tell which were good before, so I left them there. Now with the Kovot battery tester attached to the organizer I can test the batteries. I threw quite a few of them out.

At least now I know all the ones we have are actually good batteries.

I like that tester too. It is easy to use. I like that it attaches to the organizer for storage. That makes it easy to find when you need it. The tester does come off the organizer so you can take it with you if you need to.

Kovot Battery Tester.I now have the organizer in a kitchen drawer, where it takes up only half the drawer.  I still have plenty of room in the drawer for other things, and my batteries are easy to grab. It can be attached to a wall if you prefer.

If you have a lot of battery operated items around the house, you should check into getting one of these.

You can get 20% off using this coupon code: 3L6U6OIG

I received a free product to review.

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