Want To Stay Cool? Get CooLHeadS

Coolheads headwear.The CooLHeaD is made of terry cloth. It is really soft and absorbent. It feels like a really nice towel.

It has an inner band system made out of the sort elastic bands that are in pants and skirts. I don’t know what those are called but they are great at making things fit different size people.

I like that you can get these with different color linings. I wanted green linings, so  both me and my husband could (would) use them, so that is what they sent me.

It would be neat to have one in each color, so you would always have one to match your outfit.

I haven’t actually had a chance to try these out, other than just trying it on, because my husband grabbed them as soon as they got here. He was mowing the yard at the time, and he wore one out for that. He has taken one with him every time he leaves the house since then.

My husband mowing the yard with a CooLHeaD on.He would not stop and let me take better pictures, but you can see it covers his neck better than the hat. He says it catches the sweat before it runs down into his eyes. He loves these. We may have to get a few more of them, since he is gonna wear them out pretty quick.

CooLHeadS also has Trucker Hats, T-Shirts, and accessories (flip-flops, water bottles, and backpacks).

I really like that this company believes in giving back to the community, and that they are part of the Swipe 4 The Kids campaign.

You can buy CooLHeadS products in their online store, and you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

I received free product to review.

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