Interchangeable Belts Match Any Outfit

Colors of C4 Belts.C4 Belts has a color to go with any outfit. There are so many different colors to choose from, that it might take you a while to decide.

Then again you might just decide to get several.

Of course after you choose the belt color, you have to choose the buckle color, and they don’t have to be the same color.

You could get one belt and several buckles to match different outfits.

Interchangeable buckles.The buckle does go off and on easy.

I had trouble deciding what color I wanted. I finally went with a glow in the dark belt. Because I’m weird ya know?

I actually just figured that it would be a good thing to have out here in the boonies, for when/if I’m outside at night. I don’t often go out to the road, but if I did a glow in the dark belt would probably keep cars from running over me.

Mostly it is for my husband. He worries if I’m outside too long at night when locking my chickens up, or just out with the dogs, and I figured he would at least be able to see the belt, and know where I am.

And if I keel over with a heart attack or something out there, he would be able to find me quicker. Got to think about stuff like that at my age.

C4 Belt in shipping container.Anyway, the belt and buckle arrived in a neat container with the C4 logo on it. I opened it up and took it out.

C4 Belt and Buckle on my table.The buckle is easily attached to the belt and seems to stay on really well. You would have to pull on it really hard to make it just pull off.

I did not need to make the belt smaller. If I manage to lose the rest of the weight I’m trying to get rid of that will change. If you need it smaller you just cut a bit off the end. Be careful though, once you make it smaller you can’t make it bigger again.

These are wonderful belts. They are waterproof, easy to clean, animal friendly, earth friendly, and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Besides all that they give back. C4 stands for Choose your Color, Choose your Cause. They give at least 10% of each purchase to one of 4 causes. You get to choose which of those causes gets the 10% from your purchase.

All four of the causes are worth supporting. The choices are The Boys & Girls Club of America, Captain Planet Foundation, Human Rights Campaign, and Best Friends Animal Society.

I like this belt. I like the Company. You should buy a belt. Tell them I sent you. :)

You can visit them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram too. Be sure to follow them while you are there.

I received a free product to review.

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