Light Up Your Porch With Solar Power

Solar Power Motion Light from Ankway.This Solar Motion Light from Ankway is wonderful.

It was easy to put up. It took my hubby less than 5 minutes to attach it to our porch. It took longer for us to decide where we wanted to put it.

We couldn’t put it in our first choice of spots. The problem was either a tree in the way, or the roof would block the sun part of the day. So we had to find a spot that would light the area we needed lighted, and get enough sun to keep the light working.

We ended up putting it on the “front” of the porch, instead of the end. It gets plenty of sun there (in the summer anyway), and it lights up the walkway and the porch.

Solar motion light from Ankway lighting up our porch.The picture shows the regular “dim” setting.

If someone walks up to the porch the light brightens for a few seconds. Or if one of us goes out the door onto the porch, it brightens. We placed the light so that it detects motion from anything coming up to the steps. That is the dangerous area.

I really like this solar motion light. I checked at 2 am once and the light was still working, so right now it is getting enough sun to stay on at least 5 hours.  The product description says the light will provide up to 3 days of non-continuous illumination on a single charge, so I expect it does work all night.

It might not stay on so long in the winter though. We get a of of sunless days here then and it might not stay charged up. We will have to see.

The motion light is not permanently attached either. You can lift it off, and carry it somewhere, and then put it back. So if you need to go out to the end of the yard, or into the shed, and forgot your flashlight, you can grab the solar light (assuming you can reach it).

It comes with a 12 month warranty.

I really like having this light on our porch. We don’t have to worry about whether we forgot to turn the porch light on now. This light is plenty to see where we are going, see to unlock the door, and see if someone comes up on the porch at night.

You can buy yourself one of these solar power lights on

I received a free or discounted product to review.

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