Need A Place To Keep Your Small Valuables?

Steel Book Diversion Safe.This Steel Book Diversion Safe, is a good place to keep small valuable items.

The outside of this diversion safe does look like a book.

Book Safe Cover.If you put it on a book shelf with other books, especially other dictionaries, no one would know it wasn’t actually a book. The outside has a cloth texture, and the pages look pretty realistic too.

If you don’t know it is there, and what it looks like you would never notice it.

The steel safe inside the book cover is lockable, and comes with two keys.  If you have things you don’t want your kids being able to get to, you could lock them inside.

Even if they knew you had the safe, they would not be able to get into it without braking it.

Or get one for your kids to hide their stuff. Since it has two keys, you can keep one, in case you want to make sure they are not hiding anything dangerous.

This is a great way to keep things on a boat, or in an RV when you are vacation.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

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