Need Help Reading The Small Print?

Magnifying glass paperweight dome If you have trouble reading small print, get one of these beautiful magnifying glass paperweight domes from Jacarte, to take care of that problem.

You can have it out on your table, or desk, as a paperweight, so it is handy whenever you need it.

Of you can just set it out somewhere as a decorative item. It is really pretty.

The best thing about it though is that it is a magnifying glass.

My magnifying glass paperweight on a book.I took that picture of it on a paperback book with fairly small print. The print is a lot bigger looking through the glass. I do wish it was an inch or so wider, so it would cover the enter page(of a mass market paperback).

Most of the time you really need something like that for reading the small print on mail (that is what I mainly use it for). It seems like just about everything I get in the mail these days has small print down at the bottom of the page, that I can barely see even with my glasses on.

Using this magnifying paperweight makes a big difference.

It comes in a really nice black gift box, with a shiny black lining too. The gift box makes it looks really expensive.

I am glad to have it.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

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